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How To Track Your Progress Accurately

So you might have clicked this post wondering, giiirl, how hard can it be?! Just weigh yourself!

Weeeeell, yes and no! When starting with a new client, I have to let them know the exact way I want to measure their progress.


Weeeell, if you think about it, your fat loss / muscle gaining journey is an experiment. During experiments, there are factors such as controlled and dependent variables, which help scientists and researchers measure and determine outcomes.

Your dependent variables would be: water intake, sleep, caloric intake, energy expenditure, cortisol/stress levels, menstrual cycle, etc. Some of them we can manipulate, but some our body regulates on its own based on certain actions that we take day to day.

So for us to be able to see the most accurate evaluation of progress, we need to create some controlled variables – which means that you will be measuring your progress every week & month in the exact same conditions.

Pick 1 day during your week – every week, that you will be taking check-ins.
This will include: weight, photos (optional), mood levels, energy levels, stress levels, etc.

2. On your check-in day – the moment you wake up, go to the bathroom and weigh yourself!
If taking photos, take them at that time as well! No drinking water, no eating!

3. If you are taking check-in photos monthly, do so on the last Sunday of the month. I like to look at my month ahead, if 28th, 30th, or 31st of the month ends at the beginning of the week (like Monday or Tuesday) then do the photos the Sunday before. But if the month ends on a weekday closer to the weekend (Wednesday, Thursday Friday), then wait until the following Sunday after the last day of the month and take the photos then!

4. If you’re an overachiever and want to measure your progress as accurately as possible, you can also take weekly/monthly body fat % and body part measurements!

TIP FOR SUCCESS: Schedule out these times in your phone/scheduler/agenda – anything that you actually use regularly. This way you won’t forget this important process when life gets busy!

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